namestitev_hotel_bigVENUE OF TRAINING

The training will take place at Planica, Slovenia (Olympic Sports Centre):

  • on the southern side of the Alps, at the entrance to the Triglav National Park
  • 500 m from the world-famous Planica ski jump
  • 3 km from the village of Rateče
  • 7 km from Kranjska Gora ski & hiking resort
  • only 4 km away from Italy (nearest towns: Tarvisio (15 km); Udine (110 km)
  • only 10 km away from Austria (nearest towns: Villach (28 km), Klagenfurt (65 km))


The training itself is quite intense: generally from 9.00 hrs – ca 19.00 hrs (except on Day I, when we begin at 10 am). Mornings and evenings also offer opportunities for learning & sharing: participants may share their own practices (yoga, aikido …), arrange a dancing, storytelling or hiking evening, or use the ‘free’ time to prepare the sessions that they choose to co-host or co-harvest (supported by the Hosting Team). In this way, the training is also a powerful community-building event, with international connections established that often last well into the years to come.

As this training is residential, the training fee includes accommodation on full-board basis:

  • two overnight stays –  from 23 to 25 May (mainly in triple rooms; a limited number of single rooms are available against an extra fee of 50 EUR)
  • full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) – starting with lunch on 23 May and ending with lunch on 25 May
  • coffee breaks.

If you would like to stay at Planica Olympic Sports Centre also the night before or after the training, please indicate so in the registration form (under ‘Comments’). We will book your bed; but you will pay for the extra night directly to the hotel.

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All the rooms in the hotel and in the annexe have ensuite bathrooms. One towel is provided for each guest by the hotel. Unfortunately it is not possible to accommodate the entire AoPL group in the hotel part (the rooms in the hotel are more modern and spacious than those in the annexe).  About half of the group will be staying in the hotel part, and half in the annexe.


The hotel offers simple meat-based or vegetarian meals. Vegetarian meals will be available for those who indicate ‘vegetarian’ in the registration form. If you are on any special diet, then please bring any extra ingredients with you – do not count on the hotel to provide them; thank you.


A limited number of single rooms are available against a surcharge of 50 EUR.
If you require a single room, then please indicate so under comments in the registration form. The hosting team will come back to you regarding the availability of single rooms soon. In case you prefer more comfort, you may opt for booking your own accommodation  (see below).


If you desire more comfort, or simply want to stay somewhere else, you can of course do so (knowing that the programme may last well into the evenings …). In this case, 60 EUR will be deducted from your participation fee. Lunches will be organised at the Planica Olympic Sports Center for the entire group, as part of the training.
In the nearby village of Ratece (pronunciation: RAH – teh – tsche), only 3 km from the venue, there are apartment/B & B options available (for a list, click here).

The Kranjska Gora resort (7 km from the venue) offers a number of accommodation options in all price ranges.
If you decide to book accommodation somewhere else, then please do so yourself, and mention this in the registration form (under ‘Comments’).


(See also the transportation tips for international for ski jumping events!)

YOUR EASIEST OPTION once in Slovenia – Travel Sharing

Building on the power of community, we strongly invite all participants – Slovenian and non-Slovenian – to connect before the training & share (car) rides to the venue!
Here is a shared document where you can self-organise travel share to and from Planica.

By plane
Ljubljana Airport is 68 km away.
Klagenfurt Airport (Austria) is 65 km away.

By train
The closest train station: Jesenice (32 km away from Planica). Jesenice is the first train station on the Slovenian side for south-bound trains coming from Austria or Germany (via Salzburg).
For international train connections, go to for train connections within Slovenia, visit:
From Jesenice, there is hourly bus service to the village of Ratece (pronounciation: rah – teh – tsche) – see link below.

By bus
English bus timetable is available at The nearest bus stop is at Ratece Planica (3 km from the venue). There are hourly buses from Jesenice to Rateče, as well as regular services from Ljubljana (Slovenia’s capital).

By car
Check for the directions from your departure point.
IMPORTANT: Slovenia requires all motor vehicles travelling on Slovenian highways to have a ‘vinjeta’ sticker. Yearly/monthly/weekly stickers cost €110/30/15 for cars. For more info check

By taxi
IMPORTANT: there are usually no taxis WAITING for the passengers at smaller train or bus stations (i. e. in Jesenice or Ratece). Once you arrive at the station, please call one of the numbers below, and a taxi will usually appear within 10 – 20 minutes after your call.

Some local taxi options:

Taxi MerteljKranjska Gora
Mobile: 00386 41 709 750

Taxi Riksa (Rickshaw), Jesenice
Mobile: 00386 70 379 379