Here is the entire hosting and calling team that co-creates this Art of Participatory Leadership training  in Slovenia (the country in which Art of Hosting was birthed  back in 2000 …):

Team contact:
Mobile phone contacts: +386 41 470 70 (Jaka Kovac); +386 40 358 004 (Robert Krzisnik)


Mary Alice Arthur is a Story Activist, specialising in using story in service of positive systemic shift and to access and create collective intelligence on critical issues. Her art is creating and hosting spaces for people to come together, share their stories and experiences and create wise action.  As an Art of Hosting Steward, she supports people to build the skills and capacities for collaboration and participatory leadership and works internationally with organisations, teams and communities. She is also an intentional nomad, living and working all over the world.

Marc for real

Marc Levitte: “For over 30 years I worked with companies bringing my competences as a business consultant, trainer and coach, helping managers to develop their performance and their management style. This must have been successful… they called me back! But I was not satisfied. Something important was missing as I was only addressing the outer system of individuals and companies: most inner resources were not addressed and I knew in the inner world resided a huge ocean of resources. I felt I had to review my professional approach. I was profoundly touched when I cam across the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter. Conversations that matter … this is exactly what was missing! From a craftsman I was embarking in becoming an artist, that’s a fascinating journey. Now I can reconcile generosity and efficiency, success and joy, the inner game and the outer game and make them dance together to bring deeper and more practical results. Nurturing the human side of the managers and employees. Since then it’s a new life starting … even though I am retired. I am bringing my years of experience into the Art of Hosting for humanitarian projects as well international companies from India and Asia to West Africa and South America, supporting the growth of teams and projects, but from the inside out. I put in practice what I like most: reconciling the heart of the person and the efficiency of the role for better results and deeper fun and enjoyment. It is not “or” it is AND: passion and responsibility. I love it.”

Marjeta Novak

Marjeta Novak is an avid Art of Hosting practitioner and national steward. She has been working in the area of organisational, team and personal development since 2002, specialising in cultural competence and collaborative group processes. Marjeta enjoys hosting spaces where people of diverse backgrounds (cultural, departmental, cognitive, generational …) engage in real dialogue, exploring and building on their personal as well as group strengths in order to co-create the solutions they are committed to implement.  Marjeta currently serves as the president of the Slovenian Association of Facilitators  – an association committed to promoting participatory multistakeholder engagement around a shared purpose.
She loves those moments of magic when people reconnect with their deepest hopes for themselves, for one another, and for the greater whole – entering the sphere of possibility and power together.


James Ede Profile PictureJames Ede is an educator, project manager and process designer who works with individuals, teams and organisations across sectors, cultures and age groups. James is also a keen gardener and he has spent the last 13 years creating opportunities for humans to learn and to grow to their highest potential together. His work seeks to cultivate shared understanding, and to sow the seeds of effective collaboration so that the fruits of wiser action can be harvested in service of life.
Much of James’ work has been focused on supporting fairer, more resilient food systems; from developing award-winning community gardens, to convening and facilitating multi-stakeholder processes within the tropical fruit sector, and conducting research into behavioural psychology around food consumption. Last year he coordinated and co-hosted the first Living Soil Forum, an international initiative designed to secure living soils for our future.

Natalija Vrhunc
 is a group process facilitator/host and an environmental management specialist. Her facilitation orientation lately has been in dialogue and circle, as platforms for participatory leadership, deep connection and meaningful conversations in groups. Facilitation and hosting offer her life learning opportunities to learn and work on how to enable people to co-create and live in joyful learning together, feeling free in their expression and safe in all kinds of diversities, to listen to and respect each other. She believes that every human being has a potential for creative connection with others in purpose for better being of everybody and everything.



Robert Krzisnik
has been working as a team coach, trainer, mediator and group process facilitator/host for 25 years, in a wide spectrum of environments: corporate, educational, NGO’s, inter­ethnic conflict zones. His background is in psychology and psychotherapy; for 12 years, he had his own psychotherapeutic practice. He is a certified trainer with the 
Center for Nonviolent Communication – an empathy-based approach that fuels all of his work and interactions. Robert’s main mission in life is to bring together individuals and groups who haven’t been able to connect and communicate effectively for years or even decades.



Laura Kästele is a passionate learner, nature lover, design practitioner and young traveller. Key interests in learning, design, nature and community inspired her to work in the field of holistic sustainability. She is a Bachelor associate in “Integrative Ecosocial Design” at Gaia University, a leading edge un-institution for regenerative education and transformational action learning. Laura enjoys being creative and engaging in conversation about unfolding potential, collective learning and sharing of gifts to be the change and take action for a sustainable world. Learning in organisations, education and community context as well as working as an organiser and facilitator of youth events, Laura gained experiences in collaboration, participatory leadership and communication. Her vision is to develop a sustainable culture of interconnection and co-create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.



Tadej Pugelj has been a very active educator, coach and facilitator in Slovenia and abroad for more than ten years of. As an adult educator, he is active developing non-formal adult education in Slovenia. As an IAF certified facilitator he has led more than a hundred processes of creating new ideas and products, encouraging innovation, strategic planning and some other forms of planning, establishing cooperation and networking, decision making, problem solving and other challenges of present time. As an international coach he leads training based primarily on how to work with people. He cooperates with various organizations and institutions across Europe. He is reliable, open to new ideas, committed to the development of the human potential and the progress of organizations and the society as a whole.


Janja Rebolj
 is a museum professional, adult trainer, coach and facilitator, who has been working in the Museums and Galleries of Ljubljana for 25 years. Her main passions are cultural heritage and development of individuals and community, especially when they can inspire each other, using storytelling, dialog, circles and other meaningful approaches. Museum from Behind and Museums connect are some of her projects that are giving opportunity to deepen the mutual trust, respect and appreciation of diverse (religious, national, etc) groups living together in Ljubljana.

F. Raphaël Duret-Nauche:
 Consciousness catalyst for Life!
Peace hiker, multiresources bridge builder, collaboration pioneer or simply “multipraktik” committed activist and innovative host with high ethics, at the service of community and personal identity development… using all forms of arts and creative expression means for conflicts transformation, promotion of human rights and environmental awareness…


Dragana Prijanovič
 has been working in Human Resources Management for over ten years; recently mainly as a coach, trainer, HR projects manager and group process facilitator in corporate setting. She is a certified NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, ADEC (Adult Educator in Company) Master Practitioner, and SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory ®) facilitator.   She deeply believes in the magic of emphatic dialogue, collaboration and participation, and she is enthusiastically sowing the seeds of the Art of Hosting/Participatory Leadership wherever she comes. She enjoys beauty, peace and wisdom of nature and its gifts

JK croppedJaka Kovac was inspired by the potential of non-formal education ten years ago and since then he has been working as a trainer in the NGO sector, working with volunteers, youth workers, refugees and asylum seekers. He enjoys creating spaces where people can listen and connect both to each other and themselves. In the last years he has been exploring  the ways in which to connect and interlace non-formal education and sports; he is a member of a pool of trainers in the Education through sport . He enjoys spending time surrounded by nature, he is a judo trainer and a Non violent communication and Bohmian dialogue practitioner.

Alenka Oblak
has been active as a facilitator, trainer and coach in Slovenia and abroad for more than ten years. She has been learning about life and Life in community settings since teenage years – as a volunteer, activist, student of social education and social and cultural anthropology, facilitator and trainer, dancer, traveller… She enjoys hosting processes and projects that encourage co-creation and mutual learning, embrace the richness of diversity in humankind, and seek to develop the fullest potential of each person.

Andreja Cepuš
is a Social Artist in Service to Divine Feminine. After finishing her studies of Marketing Communications at Faculty for Social Sciences In Ljubljana, Slovenia, and working for several years in  marketing & communication, she is now fully dedicated to unite different fields of our society through creative communications (writing, PR, content marketing, story telling, hosting events, facilitating and moderating), organization and hosting of workshops and art inspirational events that can contribute to the unfolding of the new era. She loves to express her soul mission through all kinds of media and social media with purpose to share, inspire, empower, connect and bring out authentic, heart aligned and truth vibrating message.

Metka Kuhar
 is a researcher and teaching professor at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences. Her research interest and expertise include interpersonal communication, deliberation and youth studies. She has been involved in several domestic and foreign research projects, and has published several books and articles. For several years she has been cooperating with the Council of Europe. Currently she works on the applicative research project Deliberative discourse practices in Slovenia’s formal and non-formal public spheres. She is keen to contribute to participatory, democratic relations in any sphere. She is also a yoga teacher, and a non-violent communication and a craniosacral therapy practitioner.