This time of chaos and crisis calls for clarity, courage and collaboration: clarity on how I can contribute to the common good/goal; courage to step into my full potential; and collaborative capacity to co-create the future we want, be it as leaders in organisations or community change agents.

Join us for an intense three-day residential training experience designed to learn simple yet powerful processes which ignite leadership from within, and enable participatory collaboration for innovative sustainable solutions:

  • How can we recognise and develop each other’s strengths, gifts and talents to co-create wise solutions?
  • How to collectively step into what is possible – rather than lose hope around  what’s broken?
  • What leadership qualities and skills are called for in this time of chaos and crisis?
  • How do we build strong coalitions for change?
  • How can I lead myself in order to lead others?

The intensive will unfold around two leadership aspects:

  • personal leadership: deepen your own capacity to effect transformation in a complex world
  • participatory leadership: how to travel with others towards a common goal in a way that honours both individual and collective potential.

Start of training: Friday,   23 May, at 10.00 AM (with registrations open from 8.00 AM)
End of training:   Sunday, 25 May, at 18.00 hrs

Please click here to register for the event.

If you need more information, contact the calling team:

Hosting and calling team: Mary-Alice Arthur, Marc Levitte, Marjeta Novak, Robert Krzisnik, Dragana Prijanovic, Tadej Pugelj, Natalija Vrhunc, Alenka Oblak, Jaka Kovac, Janja Rebolj, Andreja Cepus, Metka Kuhar, F. Raphaël Duret-Nauche

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